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“I don’t wanna wake up one day
And find out it’s too late
To do all the things I wanna do […]
Cause the years are passin by
And I’m wasting all my t-t-time.”
-Jump (Simple Plan)


     I just don’t want to waste another day, I’m trying to make things right, but you shove it in my face. And all those things you’ve done to me, I can’t erase and I can’t keep this inside, It’s time to say goodbye.


The Superman logo has changed a lot over the years. In “Man of Steel,” the S is a Kryptonian symbol for hope. 
We walk through its evolution.

Stay Strong

Dont give up just.. STAY STRONG

Watermelon Salad Bowl


DIY Star Trek “Live Long and Prosper” Hoodie. A craft fail because the thumb is not extended, but still a good idea that you could fix. There is a template and tutorial Or you can buy the black and white hoodie for $49.50 but most of the sizes are sold out from Threadless

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